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5 Best Practices

This 13-page guide will help your organization reset the standard every day by creating and delivering Unbelievable customer experiences.

Sound daunting and unachievable for your team? It’s not! Our experts, with over three decades of experience working with our clients, collaborated to bring you this concise and tactical eBook to get you there.

In this guide, customer service leaders will learn:

  • What our secret sauce of 5 best practices are for creating unbelievable customer experiences

  • Where to find customer perception points and why they’re often more important to focus on than broken internal process points (where most people focus to fix customer service issues)

  • Why just focusing on metrics like NPS, number of complaints, compliments, and market share aren’t enough in the world of customer experience (and what you should be measuring to get ahead)

  • Why writing better scripts or training intensively on product knowledge and procedures won’t fix bad customer service

  • Tactical takeaways to put each practice into place immediately

66% of B2B and 52% of B2C customers stop buying after a single poor customer service interaction. Don't let this happen to you.

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