Train your best people to lead service improvement.

UP’s online training and certification is designed to initiate change quickly.

We have a Proven Path to Unleashing Unbelievable: the unbelievable customer experiences that consistently exceed expectations and grow your brand.

The first step on that path?

First, FOCUS on the goals you want to achieve. You can:

  • deliver great customer experiences
  • make your brand stand out from the crowd
  • improve your financial performance
  • increase team engagement
  • improve your company culture

Next, CERTIFY your best people via our online platform as Uplifting Service Leaders to drive improvements.

Once certified, Uplifting Service Leaders adapt what they learn in this training and lead workshops for their colleagues and team members. These workshops inspire everyone to solve urgent service problems and uplift every experience for internal and customer-facing service partners.

Our self-paced, online learning platform is accessible by your future team leaders anytime with unlimited access to proven tools and techniques such as:

  • Ten Service Excellence Principles
  • Seven Rules of Service Leadership
  • The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture, and more

Once certified, an Uplifting Service Leader develops a team’s ability to:

  • See their work from the customer’s point-of-view
  • Put their work in context of the entire customer experience
  • Personally engage customers and creatively solve their problems

“Our Uplifting Service Leaders are true champions who have an ongoing positive impact.”

– Soh Say Lim, Assistant Vice President, Parkway Health

“The effects of the Uplifting Service program have been transformative. Team members take greater pride in what they do, and customer response has never been better.”

– Julian Hagger, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, The Lux Collective

“This program generated so many new ideas and opportunities that it was necessary to establish an Uplifting Service task force to prioritize initiatives.”

– Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates 

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